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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Muse Is Massive, LA Is Massive... I Smell A Post!

So, I have been classic LA girl and totally shirked my blogging duties,w hen in fact I was collecting research. research and adventures to bestow upon you.

Hate to hear that it's monsooning over in Manhattan, but out here in the desert, well, it's... like a desert. I'm sure it was at least 215 degrees in the valley today, serious. But I digress....

MUSE! I wasn't a fan of their first UK single "Super Massive Blackhole" whihc in fact went down so poorly that they switched the US single to "Knights Of Cyndonia," which although not my favorite off the album was a little easier to digest than the Darkness-meets-Queen-meets-MI student prog-rock project gone wrong. That said, if you get into it... your hips will move. Which is always a plus.

Check it out for yourself:

Muse - "Knights Of Cyndonia" audio

Aaand, if you like that check out the sweet things they have a brewin' for mega-fans.

-Filter has posted a fly-away contest to the Reading festival (which is just north of London)! This is not only a greta thing for MUSE fans but for all anglophile alike. ENTER NOW!

-The band just annoucned via their MySpace that they will be doing an in-store signing at Hollywood & Highland's Virgin Megastore on July 14th.

The catch?

You have to buy the CD starting on Tuesday July 11th at the Hollywood & Highland Virgin Megastore in order to get a wristband. And, there's only 500 of those bad-boys so, get your camping gear and hea don out... read more here.

To tide you over, chekc out the album art. Roswell or Shitwell.. you decide!

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