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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

whispertown2000 + the LA omaha

I have been a bad blogger. Shit blogger, in fact. BUT... I have an excuse. THE HEAT. I know NY broad has been coping through the layers of cement-thick air over in Manhattan, but LA? This is disgusting! We don't do well in the cold, don't do well int he heat. We're a temperate kind,a nd it has affected my blogging. So, to apologise I am giving you a sweeeet glimpse into some aweosme LA bands.

Whispertown2000 are a 4 piece from LA, but sound like they were perhas Jenny Lewis' muse when she was thinking about going solo. They have big Omaha ties (buddies with Rilo Kiley, Tilly & the Wall, Neva Dinova, etc). I just saw them do a great set at El Cid for a FOLD night.

The singer, Morgan, is like a giddy version of Annie from Giant Drag with less of a mouth and more giggles and sarcastic swagger. Their music lies in folk roots ala Gillian Welch (whose "Miss Ohio" they cover). The band features Morgan on guitar and vocals, indie heartthrob Vanessa on tambourine and cute, slightly off-kilter harmoniess and the boys flanking them on guitar (Tod) and bass (Colt, also in LA's Acute). Thought last night's show featured not one, but two guest performance by Jason Boesel of Rilo KIley on drums for a few tunes,a nd Miss Jenny Lewis herself adding vocals to the "song about drinkin' when yer dead."

Check out the tracs on their MySpace (no MP3s, and we dont want to steal from them, cos they're nice kids!)

Whispertown2000 on MySpace
I recommend "New York Minute" and "Restless"--coincidentally those are my highlights from last night's show.

Like what you hear? You can buy the album Livin' In A Dream from the kids themselves here.

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