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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lily Kill Boy

I fucking love Lily Allen because she really doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone. Whoever dumped her is an idiot and a genius because then Alright, Still would be a totally different album

Anyway, here is Lily in top form dissing Boy Kill Boy

"Boy Kill Boy guitarist and vocalist Chris Peck spoke with in a Q&A, where he was asked what he thought of Lily Allen. "Yeah, we met her at T In The Park. She'd already played and found out she was No.1 [with 'Smile'] so she was like running around with a bottle of champagne," Peck said. "Her general attitude was, 'Who are you? I don't care, I'm better than you. I'm No.1, fu** off.' And it was excellent. We were having an interview at one point and she walked past us and said, 'You're crap, I'm amazing, I'm No.1, fu** off.' Wicked. She's like a little Gallagher, isn't she? I love it. I like her song as well. I'm quite interested in what she's all about. I think she's probably going to be extremely sick, if she's not already, of people kissing her arse. Maybe we should tell her to turn it up a notch." Allen had earlier admitted to the drunken boastful behavior on her blog at Myspace. Read more."

Article from Rock Dirt

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