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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ash Start A Fire

So not only did KC bestow a great b-side on us today, Ash decided to make my day that much better and offer a FREE download of their psuedo single (the official single is a different track) from their forthcoming album (due out sometime in July 07).

This marks the first release since hottie, barefoot-playing guitarist Charlotte Hatherly left the band to pursue her own solo career... which coincidentally has sunked to the level of having songs with the title "Mr. Ed." Bad move, Chaz.

But, this is all good news for Ash. Stripping down to thier 3 piece original line-up has made them more focused on the spirit of their earlier albums and lost the agonising drone of their faux-metal catalogue that was 2005's Meltdown. But, I'm an Ash fan til the end, so they can have as many second chances with me as they like.

Decide for yourself whether the new stuff is worth it (which it is):

Ash - I Started A Fire

And check out these new press photos.. daaaaaamn...

x LA Broad

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