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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lily Allen at Webster Hall

Sorry for the super late posting on Lily Allen's show at Webster Hall. Lily was absolutely adorable and she has come light years since her show at Hiro Ballroom. This time around the setlist was 15 songs long and Lily engaged the crowd, aughed throughout the set and definitely didn't seem nervous at all.

Here is the setlist:

Nan You're a Window Shopper (50 Cent cover)
Knock 'Em Out
Shame on You
Littlest Things
Cheryl Tweedy
Everybody's Changing (Keane cover)
Naive (Kooks cover)
Not Big
Absolutely Nothing
Everything Is Wonderful
Friend of Mine
Friday Night
Encore: Blank Expression (Specials cover)

I was so glad she played all her great covers, especially Blank Expression. The show was lovely, Lily is lovely and after absolutely falling in love with her as an artist seeing her on the stage just made me thrilled that an audience as huge as that embraced her. Cal me a geek...its cool.

NY Broad x

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