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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Automatic Beat Fans Up

First Pennie kicks off the week by accidentally breaking a fan's glasses in Belfast. Then he just beats one up in Dublin...

An Automatic fan at the show told "Some guy from the audience managed to climb up on one of the speaker stacks and lit a cigarette, thus flouting the smoking ban. Pennie just went mental and went up after him where the pair of them engaged in some wrestling before it all spilled over onto the stage.

"Pennie looked to have hit your man a slap before Rob Hawkins (The Automatic frontman) intervened and turfed him out. It was weird, there was no bouncers to be seen, and the 'fan' was brought backstage, leading many to believe he might have been Peter (Reilly, guitarist) from The View, but I don't think he was.

Pennie then bizarrely apologised for the incident. It was strange. Just before that Rob had fallen on his arse after leaping in the air during 'By My Side'."

Whoa...don't fuck with The Automatic!

Rumour has it that the band is playing SXSW too...WOOHOO!

Here is a photo of the incident last night from Drowned In Sound

NY Broad x

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