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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lily Allen vs Lady Sovereign

Its always a battle with SOMEONE for Lily Allen! This time around Lady Sov gives Lily a piece of her mind and Liyl fights back.

Here's what she has to say on her MySpace:

Dear Lady Sovereign

In response to Miss sovereigns comments , I've spoken to my Dad and he says he'd be happy to adopt you if you think it will give you a leg up .

The 21-year-old rapper - who is enjoying chart success in the US - thinks it is unfair she is attacked in Britain for her sense of style, while Lily is lauded for her quirky dress sense.
Lady Sovereign told the Observer Music Monthly magazine: 'I'm not appreciated. You get some of the media hating people like me 'cause they're chavish but Lily is the biggest chav going and everyone seems to love her.' The 'Public Warning' singer insists she doesn't hate Lily, but thinks she has had it easy, because she is the daughter of successful comic actor Keith Allen.
She added: 'I'm not hating on her but someone like Lily Allen, just 'cause her dad's famous, doesn't have to work as hard as someone like me.' The Wembley-born MC also claims her next album is going to be so controversial, her record label Def Jam will 's**t themselves'.
The rapper - who can count Nas and LL Cool J as her label mates - said: 'If they think my current album is irregular the next one's going to be pretty f**ked up. I've got so many things to say. They're going to s**t themselves.'

No wonder why she was caught hanging out with the Gallaghers after the Brits...she was getting a few lessons!

NY Broad x

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Cygirl said...

I'd say Lil wins this battle. That was some tasty snark!