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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paul Weller Does The Jam....uhhhh Maybe Not

Shame on me for not getting this up sooner but its been a bit busy in my world. Regardless, getting to see Paul Weller at Irving Plaza the first night of the tour was amazing! As much as I was a bit devasated about it not being ALL JAM stuff it was still a pleasant surprise of great Jam songs and a fantastic selection of solo stuff.

Some weirdos paid $650 for a thats devotion. I think the only thing I would pay that for is Oasis performing in my living room...

I'm going to keep this short and sweet...Weller's never been better and the crowd went mental for all The Jam stuff. The solo stuff slowed things down a bit but ending with A Town Called Malice got the place going insane! I have never seen so many older men dance in one place...and I fucking loved it!

Unfortunately I did not going to the other 2 nights but I heard they were awesome.

Here is the set list courtesy of ProductShopNYC:

Shopping^ / Tales from a Riverbank^ / Carnation^ / English Rose^ / That's Entertainment^ / Man in the Corner Shop^ / Thick as Thieves^ / In the Crowd^ / From the Floor Boards Up* / Paper Smile* / All the Pictures on the Wall* / Above the Clouds* / Running on the Spot^ / Porcelain Gods* / I Walk on Gilded Splinters* / Wildwood* / Savages* / Fly Little Bird* / Pebble and the Boy* / Broken Stones* / You Do Something to Me* / Come On Let's Go* / Changing Man* / Foot of the Mountain* // I Wanna Make It Alright* // Sunflower* // Town Called Malice^
I love YouTube...check out this clip of Paul doing "Thats Entertainment"...amazing!

NY Broad x

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Cygirl said...

Thanks for the setlist. You luckies.