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Saturday, January 05, 2008

JAMC Figure Out MySpace

Old dogs are learning new tricks...

I should have known this would happen soon when I logged into MySpace and found a not-really-personalized message from William Reid, thanking me for being his "friend (kindof)." Looks as if the Jesus & Mary Chain are transitioning form luddites to well, people who update their MySpace page. They even have a status: "lo life icons," and a mood: "adored" (complete with big-toothed, idiot-smiling emoticon).

Check out 3 new demos from JAMC: "war on peace [demo]," "cookies [demo]," (also on William's page) and "boiling over [rough cut]". The last 2 tracks feature vocals from William, which is always a good thing. No offense, Jim. I can't tell you how bummed I was when William never sang on their last tour. Now he'll have to. Ha! I swear if I don't hear "Almost Gold" sung live before I die...

Jesus & Mary Chain new demos

They also added some new tour dates for March. Which makes a girl wonder... will JAMC be playing SXSW with their new tunes? Do they need to? Will they do it for fun? Or do they really need to do it? Discuss.

Mar 11 - Roundhouse - Camden, London
Mar 12 - Roundhouse - Camden, London

And, just sign in to see William's photo gallery. He's got that MySpace camera angle shit down. It's funny, it's creepy, it's slighty hot... again in that creepy way. Don't judge, man.

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