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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Teenagers Get Randy in LA

Being a French filly myself, I couldn't resist representing the frogs on Wednesday at Spaceland for The Teenagers' 2nd LA show. I've had "Homecoming" on nearly all my On-the-Go playlists for almost a year now, and am simply addicted to that song when my "word of the day" starts with a C and ends with an unt. So, enough of me, here's my review from ARTISTdirect.

Photo by: Danielle Allaire

There's nothing more titillating on a lonely, rainy, Los Angeles night than a Parisian in America. Those lucky enough to be at Spaceland Wednesday night, got not one, but three, when Paris' electronically-inclined, cheeky, punk trio The Teenagers played their second ever LA show. The boys were also joined by two adoptive Teenagers, a female drummer and guitarist, on loan from England for their mini-U.S. tour. Led by the pencil-thin, ambidextrously-sexy singer Quentin Delafon (who somehow manages to make an Archduke Ferdinand-groomed mustache hot), they garnered gasps, giggles and dancefloor shuffling from the LA crowd as they soaked up the lazy talk-sung, dirty-disco tunes that would even make the lascivious Serge Gainsbourg blush.

Photo by: Danielle Allaire

Photo by: Danielle Allaire

The Teenagers showed off their aloof rebellion by blazing through the tracks form their soon-to-be-released debut album, Reality Check. During a lull from technical difficulties, Delafon dipped the mic in the audience, as an Australian girl shouted, "When are you coming to Australia?!" Delafon considered that a good enough audition as he pulled up the rock-aficionado on-stage to provide guest vocals on their triple-x ode to easy, American girls, "Homecoming." They played other notable pre-album release hits, "We Are The Teenagers" and "Fuck Nicole" to round out the night—which felt more like a night spent in the the backseat of a sedan with steamed windows than a concert.

Photo by: Danielle Allaire

Photo by: Danielle Allaire

—Danielle Allaire

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Nghia said...

sounded festive. excited to go to their show tonite in nyc.

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