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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sing-Sing Call It Quits

Most of you reading this probably won't recognize the delicate, twee-ish, British band name above, but you will remember Emma's former band, Lush. Emma Anderson and Lisa O'Neill formed Sing-Sing in 1997, a year after Lush's breakup due to the suicide of Lush drummer, Chris Acland, in 1996.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Emma and Lisa on a snowy night at CMJ about 4 years ago while they were still promoting their debut, The Joy of Sing-Sing (sorry I never got you into Filter, Emma!). But now, two albums in (they released their follow-up, Sing-Sing and I in 2005) and the girls have moved on into the twilight of their poppy shoegaze years and have settled down in different parts of England to work on new projects.

They released this statement on the move to greener pastures:

"In 2006 Emma moved to Brighton, East Sussex where she is involved in music publicity and last year Lisa wed her long-term partner Run Wrake, moved to the Kent countryside and is enjoying her newly found freedom as a mum and freelance graphic designer. Even Mark van Hoen, our erstwhile producer, is moving to the USA later in 2008. As for the future musically? Well, never say 'never'...... Emma has some plans regarding her next move."

LA Broad

[Thanks to the Tripwire for the tip and the image!]

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Bronson said...

moment of silence for "A Modern Girl" ... bummed, did not know this