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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Supergrass Get A U.S. Album Release

How many labels can Supergrass be on in their U.S. career? First it was Capitol, then Island and now they've joined the Astralwerks family for their sixth studio release.

“We wanted a record where you got all of Supergrass,” says frontman Gaz of this decisive return to form, “The joy, the intensity, the darkness, the melodies. All of those have always been important to us and still are.”

If they make a record as good as I Should Coco or In it For The Money then it will be something to talk about...

"Diamond Hoo Ha" will be released on April 15th.

The track listing will be:

1. Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2. Bad Blood
3. Rebel In You
4. When I Needed You
5. 345
6. The Return Of Inspiration
7. Rough Knuckles
8. Ghost Of A Friend
9. Whiskey & Green Tea

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