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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lily Allen at Hiro!

Here's the scoop on Lily last night...which was absolutely fantastic. Being pretty much the most important show of her life, Lily breezed through an 8 song set that left people wanting more (a lot more to be honest!).

The setlist was as follows:

"Nan, You're a Window Shopper"
"Shame For You"
"Knock Em Out"
"Littlest Things"
"Friday Night"

Lily was quite nervous and it was visible to everyone in the crowd. It make her though, more likeable and the vibe easy going and fun. Alex Kapranos, some guy from Maroon 5 and a ton of Brits made up the crowd as well as a bunch of suits and dorks like me who sang along and danced to the whole set. I can't wait for a proper tour and for everyone that doesn't own Alright, Still are mental.

Video coming soon! Also, check out this shot of Lily from last night coutesy of Mediaeater

NY Broad x

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