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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jesus and Mary Chain At Webster Hall

What can I say about Jesus and Mary Chain? They're fucking legends! Finally, after being sad about missing their Coachella performance the two nights at Webster Hall were announced and it made my life. The gig though sort of made me a bit sad...

Why you ask? First of all it wasn't loud enough! The sound was so low I could have a conversation and not even be bothered by the music. Now when I go to a Mary Chain show I want my ears to be blown out from a massive wall of sound courtesy of the Reid brothers and the rest of the band.

The sad part #2 was that the band just wasn't feeling it in the beginning. The crowd was a bit lame and it seemed lie they just wanted to get the gig done. After hearing they were amazing at Coachella I wonder if it was just something that was in the air last night.

Even so, it was still an experience. I never thought I'd see the band in the flesh and it was a pleasant surprise to see them reform. Oh, and the set list was AMAZING!

The setlist was:
'Never Understand'
'Head On'
'Far Gone and Out'
'Happy When It Rains'
'Some Candy Talking'
'Between Planets'
'Blues From a Gun'
'Cracking Up'
'All Things'
'Teenage Lust'
'Just Like Honey'
'Vegetable Man'

NY Broad x

Photo credit:Muzikspy


kenyon said...

i agree with what you said. was this monday nite's show? i was there tuesday. set list looks the same. we should trade links.

mrkrimpet said...

ya know, i thought the Monday night show started sluggish and was never quite loud enough. And the crowd wasn't helping the situation much. Maybe they fixed some tech issues and got their confidence back becuase it sure picked up by Sidewalking. By the end, I was pretty thrilled.