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Friday, May 18, 2007

Love Is All Stole My Idea

Everyone has a karaoke song. I don't care if it takes you 6 shots of Cuervo Gold to grab the mic, you know you have one. And those of us who aspire to be "musicians", by playing power chords in garages and spend time at work looking up guitar tabs instead of making phone calls, have a cover song. It's a song that is your ace in the hole in case all of your original material sucks--with this song you could still make it.

For me, I wanted to find a track with a good balance of great pop catchiness and slightly obscure cool. My song was The Pastels' "Nothing To Be Done." It is sheer pop genius. Apparently, Swedish art rockers Love Is All thought so, too. They stole my thunder and cover the fucking song that was going to get me on blogs. Fuuuuccckkk yooooou!

Kidding... kinda.

I love this band, and they did a great job of the cover. Plus, they've been recently endorsed by Karen O (that really rubs salt in the wound). Check out their version of the Pastels classic at their MySpace page. But, let's compare....




Which one is better? You decide. Also, any ideas for my new replacement cover?

Thanks to The Roaring Machine for The Pastels song!

x LA Broad

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The Likely Broads said...

fucking Swedes :)