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Monday, May 07, 2007

Pete Doherty Gets Arrested Again

I love Pete but come on...its enough! He's been arrested yet AGAIN for possible posession of a Class A drug in London on Saturday.

How many times can someone post bail on him? Can't someone lock him in a room for a few days a la Trainspotting and that would work?

Whatever it is...get help!

NY Broad x


angy said...

for serio. what the hell is pete thinking? oy vey. and he did just say that he was choosing his loved ones over drugs! I think he's taken it too far. Heck, we'll all still love him... but nevertheless, I can't say that if I were Kate I would.

Cygirl said...

Question- WHO IS BAILING HIM OUT? Seriously. Who?

God, I just want to slap him! And then give him a hug. For real.

The Likely Broads said...