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Monday, May 14, 2007

Lily Allen Gets It Back

Lily Allen is still such a loveable character through thick and thin. Yes, she has turned into a bit of a brat through her rise to stardom BUT she also is still honest with herself and honest with her fans which you have to love.

After Lilys last outburst which really saw her starting to crumble, she gets it back with a little help from Mom and her fans. Here's her latest blog entry

Hi guys , I'm sorry if I worried anyone with the blog I wrote yesterday . I was feeling pretty sorry for myself , I've been reading all your comments and they have made me realise there is more to life than being thin ! So thank you . I think I was just having a hard time last week . After reading cheryl tweedys comments branding me a "chick with a dick". I was feeling pretty low and aswell as that, some of you might know I launched my clothing line for new look last tuesday , and seeing my picture in so many newspapers next to kate moss' , made me feel grotesque momentarily . I know its a silly way to feel and I am incredibly proud of myself and my achievements over the past year, there are so many good things about my life . I really am incredibly lucky . I guess it shows how much of an effect the media can have on us young ladies . As for the amy winehouse bit , someone sent me a link to a picture blog where there were some paparazzi shots of my brother and I , and there were hundreds of comments from mean sad people , saying I was a fat ugly bitch and how much better amy is than I . Usually I ignore these things , but in my heightened emotional state I let them get the better of me . My mum has come out here to keep me company and I feel much better now , I sha'nt be getting any surgery , instead I will be eating lots of bread and pasta and thinking about what to write about for the next album . I really am touched and was quite surprised at the reaction the blog received and it definitely has restored my faith in humanity .

I know I've said bad things about people in the past , though the majority of them have been blown wayyyy out of proportion , but this i mean
Cheryl if you're reading this , I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune . I must say taking your clothes off , doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying , your mother must be so proud , stupid bitch .

And yes...fuck Cheryl Tweedy. Anyone that can take themselves seriously by singing "Something Kinda Ooh" and can go in the NME dressed like a bunch of punk rock assholes can pretty much fuck off.

NY Broad x

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angy said...

Okay... Lily. I really appreciate that she's publicly rectified her previous statements about being fat, I really felt awful about the whole thing for her. But the whole Cherly Tweedy drama is just too much, and we know Lily's the better girl, why can't she just leave it alone?