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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lily Allen Is Losing It

Lily Allen is not the same "I don't give a fuck" girl she used to be. In this day and age there is no such thing as a "developing artist" and the hype I think has made Lily just sort of lose it.

In her latest blog post she pours her heart out and it sort of breaks my heart...

"fat , ugly and shitter than winehouse

that is all i am , im on my own in america again . I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look . I felt like it didnt matter if I was a bit chubby cause , im not a model , I'm a singer . Im afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine . I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle , I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery , and laser lipo suction ."

Poor Lily :(

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