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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The White Stripes - Staying Together

Just an FYI...the White Stripes aren't going anywhere (thank god!)...confirmed by Jack White. After rumours spread that the band would split after Icky Thump, Jack White confirmed personally that they are here to stay.

When speaking to NME Jack said,"We get asked all the time, 'How long do you guys think it's gonna last?' I'd venture to say that in 90 per cent of interviews, someone has asked us 'Is this the last record?' It's almost as if people want us to stop!"

He also admitted that there is "something special about the band" that it is "hard to put into words" and that linking up again with drummer MEG WHITE is natural.

He said: "We gel effortlessly. We're very fortunate to have that blessing on the music - it doesn't occur in every position."

Alright, well now we know there are many more mariachi outfits and records to come! Woohoo!

NY Broad x

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