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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bigmouth Strikes Again...

Liam Galagher can do no wrong in my book...and I always find him to be rather funny. Latest Liam victims are Pete Doherty and Tom Chaplin of Keane being called "posh lightweights". According to Liam told The Sun, "None of us have ever been in The Priory, like all these little idiots today. They have one little line, they have one burn and they're all in rehab...That Pete Doherty is cabbaged already. And it's like, 'How old are you? Priory at 27 years of age? You idiot.' Posh boys can't take."

There you have it folks - Liam Gallagher's words of wisdom for the day. Just pray you aren't his next victim...

NY Broad x

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