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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Shits Hit The Disco

How much does this suck? Darren Cullen, drummer of ShitDisco broke his wrist and cannot play any dates opn the Club NME tour coming up for the band. Cullen was dancing on the top of his tour van when he fell off and broke the important body part needed for drumming (well ONE of them!).


He explained: "The house engineer broke his fall slightly but he still suffered a broken wrist. He went to hospital and had metal plate put in after surgery.

"He will be unable to drum for the rest of the tour but Darren is in good spirits and he can't wait to get back."

Session drummer Mark Heaney has been drafted in to replace the Shitdisco sticksman for the remainder of the tour, which continues in Northampton Soundhaus tonight (October 11).

To check out SHITDISCO here is an MP3 for your listening pleasure:
SHITDISCO - I Know Kung Fu

(mp3 courtesy of So Much Silence)

NY Broad x

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