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Monday, October 09, 2006

Sean Lennon Thinks You're Dead Meat

It's only appropriate that as the weather in LA is turning into not-so LA weather (yes, there are clouds in the sky and it may dip below 72 today) that I have officially become obsessed with the new Sean Lennon record Friendly Fire.

I only got to touch on his debut (written when he was 20 and released in 1998) Into The Sun. In a recent interview with Venus Zine he admitted that the first album was his blissfully romatice stage in life, and this 8 year later follow up is showing him an an aestheticist, which he defines as:

"I’m an aestheticist, meaning that I think the only purpose of art is to be beautiful... That may seem superficial to most people, but I don’t think it is. Because I think, again, that true beauty is not the daisy in the sun. It’s the daisy in the sun, and the earth, and the worms, and the dirt, and everything that combines to make a beautiful scene. The truth of life and death has to be there in order for something to be truly beautiful."

That is the crux of this record. He's still in love, or at least trying to be, and this record shows the grit and mirth of the struggle to do so, but it's backed by the sly and sweet melodies that made us fall in love with Sean, the musician, way back when.

Friendly Fire is streaming on Filter's MySpace listening party on THE BOOTH. But, also check out the first in the series of Friendly Fire’s film vignettes that accompany each song on the album. Sean kicks it off with the film for his first single “Dead Meat.” Check out the leading lady cartel as Bijou Phillips, Devon Aoki and the love her or hate her (after this cameo, though, I think i'm on the love train) Lindsay Lohan make guest appearances.

Sean Lennon - "Dead Meat" Video

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