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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Officially Love KT Tunstall

Its rare that you find a performer that sounds incredible live, is fun, energetic and her songs are absolutely mind blowing. KT played her second date at Webster Hall last night to a bit of a weird crowd (people with bad hair, Long Island moms and everything weird in between) but it didn't matter...who cared about them. She did a new track, "Ashes" and "One Day" was a total highlight (which she forgot the words to at was rather funny). Fun KT fact - if she was a man she'd be Wayne Cohen from The Flaming Lips.

She didn't do the cover of Fake Plastic Trees...but who cared...she was incredible. KT makes me get all nerdy because I absolutely adore her...and if you get the chance to see her live even if you don't think you'll like you you HAVE to go.

PLUS, she did a cover of "I Want You Back" at the end of the night...who can pass that up???

Check out KT's "Ashes" from the Acoustic Extravaganza
KT Tunstall - Ashes

from You Can Take The Boy Outta Brooklyn

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