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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Good, The Band and The Queen The Follow Up To...PARKLIFE??!!

What do you get when you cross Blur, The Verve, The Clash, Fela Kuti and throw in a bit of Dangermouse??? Welcome The Good, The Bad and The Queen.

Reading this article on made me the happiest person alive (for around 2 minutes. According to Damon Albarn, their January 2007 debut album is "the natural successor to Blur's 'Parklife'" Coincidently, American producer Dangermouse wanted to make an "English" record and so the story goes...its pretty fucking "English".

The Good, The Bad And The Queen's self-titled album will be released in January 2007, with single 'Herculean' out on October 30.

Now I'm officially excited about the new year.

NY Broad x

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