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Monday, August 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse Pulls Out Of Her Rolling Stones Opening Slot

Amy Winehouse is not only one of the most talented singers around today...but she's also one of the most fucked up. Notorious for drinking ALL the time and lately for her use of the white stuff, Amy apparently ODed last week which sent her into hiding at a posh hotel.

Fast forward to today and Winehouse has announced she is pulling out of two opening slots she had on the Rolling Stones tour. My guess is Mick Jagger isn't too thrilled about this one.

Hopefully Amy gets back on track because she's slowly turning into Pete will become a miracle if she actually shows up at her live gigs at the rate she's going

NY Broad x

1 comment:

Cygirl said...

Yeah, but Peter manages to periodically pull it together....
Have you heard the new Babyshambles stuff? Excellent.

I'm truly worried about Amy. She seems so fragile.