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Friday, August 24, 2007

Carling Weekend - Reading and Leeds Day 1

I've never been to Reading or Leeds but I must make sure that I head over there soon. So far the action is as follows:

Paramore might be missing their set
The Gossip almost missed their set but made it
Beth Ditto gave the audience a little more then they wanted to see when she showed off her hot black underwear
Interpol fucking killed it
Everyone flocked to see Albert Hammond Jr
Kate Nash watched Gallows
CSS threw milk at the crowd
Razorlight played the most stellar fucking set ever and Johnny Borrell told the crowd "you're all legends"

Since I'm not there you should check for the latest happenings and photos.

For now, here is the Razorlight set list:

'In The Morning'
'Hold On'
'Golden Touch'
'Back To The Start'
'(Don't Go Back To) Dalston'
'Fall To Pieces'
'Pop Song 2006'
Can't stop This Feeling I've Got'
'Los Angeles Waltz'
'Leave Me Alone'
'Rock N Roll Lies'
'Rip It Up'
'Who Needs Love'
'In The City'
'Fall, Fall, Fall'
'Funeral Blues'
'Stumble And Fall'
'Somewhere Else'

Shit...Rip It Up? Rock N Roll Lies? They pulled out some oldies for this gig...

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Cygirl said...

Am waiting for The View boys performance today and Sunday.

I have mixed feelings towards Razorlight- Borrell annoys me, but I REALLY like their songs.