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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wombats Play Debut New York Show

Liverpool favorites The Wombats are one of the most hyped UK imports as of lately. Finally coming over and playing New York is always a test to see if people are actualy going to care...or not.

Getting on stage around 20 minutes late and breaking out into accapella (drummer included!) for "Girls, Boys and Marsupials", the crowd sort of stood there not really knowing what to expect for the rest of the gig. Continuing on with loads of interaction/talking (although the crowd didn't really understand their Northern accents) and breaking out their catchy tracks left and right, finally the crowd got into it and started to warm up a bit.

Playing their next single "Let's Dance To Joy Division", "Kill The Director" and ending with "Backfire At The Disco"; The Womats played a great set that was full of energy and made it worth it to drag yourself out to the Annex on a Wednesday night.

Who knows when they are coming back but they are definitely playing venues bigger then the Annex next time around.

Photo Credit: SoundBitesNYC

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angy said...

We love the Wombats!!!! Surely they shall be a success.