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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Likley Listens: Bang Lime

Silly band name aside, I already know you'll like these guys. It's another Metric side-project! This time it's the revenge of the rhythm section as bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key band (ooh, an unintentional pun!) together.

If you're a fan of the anthems on Old World Underground... you'll be into this from the get go. Their lead single "Death of Death" couldn't be farther away from the connotation of its title. The song begins with a classic, spiraling guitar riff that sounds like a slightly more mature version of a Be Your Own Pet song. Not surprisingly, the drums and lagging bass hooks are the meat of the song.

"It's all right in the dark of night..."

Quite the rock 'n' roll turn of phrase. Check it out for yourself:

Bang Lime - "Death of Death"

The duo are finishing up a North American tour right now. You can check out the rest of their dates on their MySpace page.

x, LA Broad

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