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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lily Allen Sets The Record Straight

Raise a glass for Amy
George Bush is a cunt

Basically thats what Lily's latest blog entry says.

Here it is:

v festival was great, thanks to everybody who came ,

i just want all my fans to know this ,
I have called george bush a c**t at pretty much every show i have played over the past year , that is because I think he is one and i stand by that . You can make up your own mind as to whether you agree with me or not , thats just how i feel . Just because i hate george bush doesnt mean I hate america , quite the opposite , I think the US is a great place and I am really sad that I cant be there for my commitments scheduled for the near future . what i said about George Bush this weekend bears no relation to what happened a couple of weeks ago with my visa , that is an issue with the US immigration service . I just wanted to let you all know that my " foul mouthed tirade " so widely reported over the past couple of days is actually pretty rehearsed and ive beeen saying it long before all this visa issue .
also me raising a drink to Amy , was just that , showing my support for her . I've been around enough substance abuse and alcoholism to know that it's a serious matter , and not to be taken lightly .
im sorry, i wanted to write this because i felt like if i didn't say anything you all might believe the rubbish your being fed .


Gotta love Lils!

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Cygirl said...

Speaking truth to power, that's our Lily.