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Monday, August 27, 2007

Kate Nash - U.S. Album Release and New York Tour Dates

God bless Music Snobbery at the moment. Why? KATE NASH IS PLAYING NEW YORK and there will be an EP released by Geffen around the same time.

On September 4th the "Foundations EP" will be release on iTunes with the following tracks:

* Foundations
* Caroline's a Victim
* Navy Taxi
* Habanera

(no Mouthwash!!!!!!)

The New York dates are as follows:

* September 24, Luna Lounge
* September 25, Joe's Pub

I'm not going to lie...I got a bit giddy when I found out she was playing here. Not only that but "Made of Bricks" is surely on my Top 10 records of the year.

Also, if you haven't heard Tapedeck's brilliant remix of Caroline's A Victim then go to their MySpace page. Its also on the mixtape they just released!

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Cygirl said...

As much as I love Kate's music, I love her hair more. She has a fantastic hairdo! And the color? Gorgeous.

Apparently, Ms. Nash was spotted holding hands with Ryan Jarman, backstage at one of the Carling sites last weekend. Too. Cute.