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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Babyshambles Get A U.S. Release

Mark your calendars for October 23rd because "Shotter's Nation" is going to be released through Astralwerks on that day!

Here is the tracklisting:

"Carry On Up The Morning"
"You Talk"
"UnBilo Titled"
"Side Of The Road"
"Crumb Begging"
"UnStookie Titled"
"French Dog Blues"
"There She Goes"
"Baddies Boogie"
"Deft Left Hand"
"The Lost Art of Murder" (featuring Bert Jansch)

Now, if only the label can get the band over for a gig...then it will be of some importance.

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Cygirl said...

Oh Lord, that is a GREAT picture of Drew.