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Monday, March 12, 2007

Filter Mini.. err, Good Music Guide Teaches the Arctic Monkeys

Since we're all Arctic Monkey-ing around. Ha, ha, ha. Ooh, good one, LA Broad. But seriously... I just purused my alma matter's website, and found out that Arctic Monkeys are on the cover of Filter's newest issue of the Good Music Guide (formerly Filter Mini... and in my opinion much more aptly titled). Filter kicks ass with this mini-mag, though. I almost like it more than the actual magazine.


This issue's twist is that they've got a bunch of good, established (read: Grandfather) musicians and some of their contemporaries who've done the "second album thing" to give the lads some sage advice on what to do from here. Some of the prestigious line-up is The Futureheads, The Smiths, Supergrass, Oasis, Idlewild and Gang of Four. Plus there's some bitchin'/bitching reviews and guides to SXSW and Austin. Fun for all!

Check it out and download it online here:

x, LA Broad

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