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Friday, March 09, 2007

Talk Power

Remember when Chan Marshall decided she was done with being a psychiatrist's worst nightmare and was now funny woman with ambitions to star on SNL? Well, if and when that happens we've found what it would sound like.

Since this is blog land, I know most of you who read will know who this band is. I'm talking about Montreal's (where else?) Land of Talk. The first time I was introduced to LOT was through the emeritus Village Indian, and Amrit had a picture of vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth. The only thing I could think of was "she looks so fucking cool holding that guitar!" Not in a Joan Jett cliche, but in a comfortable, natural way. She was meant to hold that thing. And thank God she is, because Land Of Talk's new mini-album/EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss will be one of your favorites of 2007.

Now, back to the Cat Power reference. Elizabeth's vocals are very simialr to Chan, but have a more urgent and raw--almost riot grrl-- appeal, but the notes sound just as sweet. Backed by bassist Chris and drummer Bucky (best drummer name since Animal) you've got the fixins for yr new fav band.

Their new single "Speak To Me Bones" will do the explaining:

Land of Talk - Speak To Me Bones MP3

And with lyrics like "i love anyone but me", she might be a little more Cat Power than I first thought... Check out the band at SXSW and on their mega tour.

x, LA Broad

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