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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gary Lightbody Can Drink 30 Pints of Guinness

The Irish can really drink and Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol is no exception. He's revelaed that he used to go on 30 pint benders on tour due to depression.

He's found the happier side to life now though and has quit drinking. "I started drinking at 25. I was being an arsehole...I was swearing at people, smashing equipment and acting like a dickhead. I loathed my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender.

Now 30, Gary isn't depressed anyone and has given up alcohol. Sober and happy...those two words just don't do together as well as drunk and happy but cheers to gary Lightbody for getting himself sorted out.

NY Broad x

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Kokis-chan said...

Go go Gary!! XD