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Friday, March 09, 2007

ono yoko: i love the jesus and mary chain

This post is totally ridiculous. I just have to tell everyone how excited I am about that band reforming. Holy shit. Oh my God. My year will be made.

On that note, William Reid (whom I consider to be the fairer of the 2 brothers Reid) has been recording (and I believe is finished with) his new forthcoming solo album, which is still untitled. But, if you do some JAMC stalking on MySpace you can find William's official MySpace page. And, as an added bonus, you also learn his middle name.

Unfortnately I can't post an MP3 here, but go to his MySpace page to listen to the new track from said album called 'Ono Yoko". It's not as "progressive" as the tracks form his 2003 Lazycame album, but it still has his signature twist on pop.

oh no, oh no yoko....

x, LA Broad

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