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Friday, March 23, 2007

Lily Allen Is Tired

Poor Lily Allen...the US has exhausted her and all she wants to do is go home.

Lily posted this on her MySpace blog:

Yo , so its been a while , I havn't really had much to say , I still don't . I've started to feel it's my duty to write blogs , I didn't feel that before . Life is weird at the moment . Is it really important to break America ? If it is I have to write my life off for the next 9 months , playing the same gig answering the same questions to different journalists and such , or go home sit o my boyfriends sofa for a bit , then write a new album . what d'ya reckon ? As much as I love driving across America and doing the same thing every night , I'm bored slightly , this is no reflection on my audience , cause I have a huge amount of respect for them . It's the songs , I'm bored . Since January I've toured Japan , New Zealand annd Australia , I've done a European tour , gone to Paris fashion week , done a UK tour , spent one night at home , apparently I beat up some paparazzi , and now I'm on a US tour . It goes till May . I dunno what to do.

I'll tell you what to do Lily...I LOVE you but suck it up

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