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Sunday, March 25, 2007

SXSW Day #2 - A Late Recap

It takes a long time to recover from SXSW but finally this weekend I got some proper sleep, relaxed and finally had time to actually remember what the hell I did in Austin.

First day was a bit crazy...visited a friend of mine in Austin and stayed with her the night before the festival started. That was great and all but it took 75 MINUTES to get a cab that went downtown. Finally I checked into the hotel, got ready and headed to the Fader house (free Southern Comfort!) and quickly went straight over to the NME showcase to see The Automatic, Jamie T, Lily Allen, Razorlight and SOMEHOW SOMEONE (you know who you are!) convinced me to stay for The Bravery late night. I missed The Sunshine Underground which sucked a bit but I was already burnt out by the time I got to Stubbs.

All the bands were great and it was fantastic finally seeing The Automatic and Jamie T for the first time. Lily Allen slagged off the NME fantastically ("did I tell you I fucking hate the NME") and Razorlight were of course fantastic...its like watching a veteran rock band playing on a small stage.

The thing I was actually pleasantly surprised about was The Bravery and actually enjoying them! Now, they are really just a bunch of old men that used to be in a ska band and picked up a keyboard...but I let all that be forgotten and actually found them to be quite enjoying.

Heres a few videos of each band's performance for your enjoyment (relive Austin!)

The Automatic:

Jamie T:

Lily Allen:


and even The Bravery!:

Viva La Austin!

NY Broad x

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