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Friday, March 23, 2007

Kissing Party at my house, my house.

I've been sitting on this little-known Denver band for a while. I'm selfish. I'm greedy. But, now I have changed my heathen ways and will let you in on this amazing secret: Kissing Party.

It's not an episode of Girls Gone Wild (sorry), it's actually a band. Along with being excellent kissers, they've found time to write a slew of under 2 minute, just enough sugar, pop gems. They're indie-pop to a tee... twee? To get an idea of their sound, imagine if you will The Pastels hitting on The Vaselines at a dive bar, buying one too many shots of Jaeger, taking things back to his place only to have both of them realize they're still in love with their exes, but they exchange numbers anyway and are totally going to stay friends.

Make sense?

Perhaps this will help. Check out an old live review by Filter from an early show they played at Denver hipster haunt Hi-Dive last year here.

The band's core is made up of frontman Gregg Dolan and frontwoman Deirdre Sage. They banter back and forth with I love you, but I hate you verses in saccharine melodies. But don't think this is another mates of state. The two are platonic, as you can see in their live shows when the band delves into an Oasis moment and Dolan starts kicking the band when they make mistakes. Take that, Noel. The band released a home made demo album a few months ago locally called hold your hour and have another, and are hitting a Denver studio to produce more of "the greatest songs ever" which Dolan promises to be "better than Oasis." Here, here.

Check out some of their oldies but goodies...

Kissing Party - Pretty Victories
Kissing Party - Meeting Ground

One more. For the sweetest guitar solo and deceptively cute break-up song ever...

Kissing Party - Danielle Bonta

For more check out Kissing Party on MySpace

x, LA Broad

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