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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Likely Listen: The Airborne Toxic Event

This band isn't new to many of you in the LA area who are avid show attendees. The Airborne Toxic Event (the name is a nod to Don DeLillo's novel White Noise) started out a little over four months ago, and suddenly shot out into the scene. The homegrown band, and brain child of frontman Mikel Jollet, released a three track EP that sold out within the span of their first few shows, garnered a residency on Monday nights at the Echo in February, opened up for the Horrors and littered themselves around the stages of Silver Lake and Echo Park hot-spots.

They just got back from a quick UK tour, where (unsurprisingly) the ravenous, NME-ingesting crowds loved 'em. Now they're back in LA and are slated to open up (as the only support band) for Kaiser Chiefs at the Henry Fonda this Thursday.

Not too bad. But is it too soon?

What do they sound like, you ask? The singer/guitarist/songwriter Mikel Jollet definitely has clear influences. Though the base of the music is a fusion of angular, amplified guitar jolts ala Franz Ferdinand and Orange Juice, the vocals display more than a hint of Conor Oberst and Morrisey—with a dash of Edwyn Collins for some cred. They're an energetic, fun, very "now" band, and the kids sure do seem to like them. I'll be out at the Kaisers show to give you a full update on how their rising stardom is received by the LA crowd.

They band have also unveiled their new (and first!) video for their ode to stalking ex-lovers post breakup, "Does This Mean You're Moving On?":

x, LA Broad