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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Likely Listen: Mister and Misses Howl

This is a metaphysical Likely Listen, kids. It's intangible, but we like it that way. This band only kinda exists. There's no music, but hey! They've got a press photot! It's good enough for me. Just grab your bong and start feelin' it. Or grab some pills... or acid... I'm not quite sure what would fit the mood best. I am talking about the upcoing "collaboration" between Giant Drag's Annie Hardy and ex-beau Joe Cardamone of Icarus Line.

Just look at that photo! It's gonna be fucking amazing. For those of you who are fans of GD, you might be interested to know that Annie's album swan song, "Slayer" was actually written by Cardamone and is featured on the Icarus Line's fantastic new album Black Lives At The Golden Coast, which will be out on Dim Mak later this summer.

But from the looks of the tangled web of Icarus Line's MySpace friends, it looks likes Cardamone has an addiction to side-projects. Check out his UK-based Souls She Said. The band released an EP last year on the now-defunct Alan McGee label Poptones. Maybe that is how they befriended William Reid and ended up opening up for JAMC at their pre-Coachella warm up show. Wow, isn't MySpace great?

I can't wait to hear what the ex-lovers come up with. And I'm guessing that acid-laced hash is probably the best chemical comfort for their tunes... just a thought.

x, LA Broad

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