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Friday, June 01, 2007


No secret here, I'm probably the most avid JAMC fan 'round these here blog parts. So, when I stumbled upon the Uncut interview with Jim about the reunion and what the future held for JAMC, I nearly wet myself... okay, maybe I did... just a little.

Here's a little news-age I wrote for work (ARTISTdirect: go. now. we're good.)

Leave it to the Jesus & Mary Chain to blow all other "reunion bands" out of the water. In the latest issue of Uncut, one of the more venerable UK music rags, Jim Reid reveals phase two of the Mary Chain. Speaking to the magazine, the crouching and crotchety lead singer said, "The reunion is not necessarily about any nostalgia trip. There will be a new record, otherwise there wouldn't be any point to reforming." Don't think statement is a side-effect of the reunion high. Both Jim and William have been making records throughout the JAMC hiatus. Jim formed Freeheat with ex-members of The Gun Club and former JAMC bassist Ben Lurie, while William has been releasing a string of experimental and sparse indie rock albums under the moniker Lazycame.

Fans coming out the the band's live shows have gotten a glimpse of what the proposed new album will sound like with the newest JAMC track in over 9 years with "All Things Must Pass." The new tune is a continuation of their Munki-era songs, complete with Jim's signature sardonic and moody lyrics and William's antagonizing riffs. Though the album is still "officially tentative" according to a representative for the Scotland band, if all things go according to plan (aka if Jim and William don't kill each other), JAMC will hit the studio in late fall after their extensive summer tour.

Longtime JAMC fans may also be excited to hear that the guitar-smith of the Mary Chain, elder brother William Reid, has been working on a solo record of his own. Recording the album in Los Angeles earlier this year, the album has no title, no record label funding, but William has released his first single from the forthcoming album called "Ono Yoko" on his official MySpace page.

—The ARTISTdirect Staff


I'm such a smarty-pants. Fuck. I'm so excited.

What do you all think? Does anyone like Freeheat or Lazycame? Lazycame is William being fucking weird and is definitely a left field extension of Munki and Freeheat is basically Jim making a mash-up of Stoned & Dethroned and Barbed Wire Kisses (b-sides, muthafuckah).

I'd put my money on their new record being AMAZING, and blowing all these rip-off bands out of the water.

Exhibit A:

I'm in love... all over again.

x LA Broad

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