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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Likely Looks: Bat For Lashes

I admit it: I was totally late in the game for Bat For Lashes. I kept on hearing the name, hearing hoe hot the singer was, what cool head apparel she wore, and her ghostly seductive voice. After I saw her on Thom York's iTunes celebrity playlist I became deeply disappointed with myself for being so out of the loop. So, now, I give you.... my Bat For Lashes post!

I was checking out Blender, and they have this great post on one of the better music video directors out right now, Dougal Wilson. He was the one who made the amazing Jarvis Cocker "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" video. Now, he's worked with Miss Natasha Khan, the beauty and brains behind Bat For Lashes on her latest "What's A Girl To Do". The video bares more than a resemblance in look and feel (and characters) to Donnie Darko. In one full shut Natasha is riding her bike amongst suited demonic rabbits, passing my car crashes and woodland spooks. And it matches the song perfectly. Check it out here...

x, LA Broad

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