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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Likely Listen: Kaiser Chiefs "Getting Better"

In honor of me seeing the Kaiser Chiefs as a pre-birthday celebration this week in LA, I thought I'd post the video footage of their 40th anniversary Sgt. Pepper's cover.

I'm not clear on how the songs were broken down or if the band had any say, but Kaisers have tackled the McCartney penned and sung "Getting Better." Ricky does a pretty nice job with the high registered notes, but seems a bit nervous. Maybe the finished product will have a better sound. Nick vocals are, as always, a bit shrill, but complimentary nonetheless. I mean, no one can be Paul. Nick's drums sound rich and full, while Whitey's guitar has enough reverb to keep true to the notes and give it a modern touch. The songs are all recorded on reel to reel, juts like in the good ol' days. Check out the boys' Beatles impressions here:

As a sidenote, has anyone seen their huge stage banner that is a TOTAL rip-off of the Beatles 1966 tour?

The Beatles:

Kaiser Chiefs:

Interesting, no? Can't decide whether is genius or tawdry...

x, LA Broad

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