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Friday, June 08, 2007

Likely Listen: Reverend and the Makers

Reverend and the Makers have taken over my Ipod in the last week and its time to officially spread the genius.

Reverend (aka Jon McClure) and the Makers formed in 2005 after a couple of failed previous projects. Hailing from Sheffield and having some heavy ties to the Arctic Monkeys (they will be supporting the Arctics on their upcoming UK tour) the sound is Stone Roses meets Arctic Monkeys (to be honest!) and its absolute brilliance.

Check out their first single "Heavyweight Champion Of The World" at their MySpace page and get ready to be addicted.

Here is the video too:
Heavyweight Champion Of The World

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NY Broad x


Cygirl said...

Oh, that's quite good. He's oddly cute, too!

The Likely Broads said...

one of the best things I've gotten into all year...its brilliant!