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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs Live @ Beacon Theater

There is one thing you can't deny the Kaiser Chiefs and that is that they put on a damn good show. Their gig at the Beacon Theater is really not the ideal place to catch the band as their energetic stage presence gets a bit lost in the fact that you are confined to seats.

Even so, it was still a fun gig, complete with of course Ricky doing his signature jumps, interaction with the crowd and walking over the seats to get in the middle of the Theater.

The one thing that surprised me was the hits in the middle of the set list. I guess at this point they are seasoned veterans so who am I to judge.

Here is the set list (courtesy of Music Snobbery):

* Everyday I Love You Less and Less
* Everything is Average Nowadays
* Heat Dies Down
* Born to Be a Dancer
* Na Na Na Na Na
* I Can Do it Without You
* The Modern Way
* Ruby
* Learned My Lesson Well
* I Predict A Riot
* Thank You Very Much
* The Angry Mob
* Take My Temperature
* Encore: High Royds
* Oh My God

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The Likely Broads said...

sweet ass ricky interview comin' your way soon, dear readers...

x, LA Broad