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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mark Ronson Live @ Webster Hall

Its no surprise that I went to Mark Ronson on Frday at Webster Hall...Version is by far one of my top records of the year and the show at Highline Ballroom was one of my favorite gigs of the year.

Unfortunately, the show at Webster Hall didn't deliver like I had hoped it would. It was pretty much the same setlist from the Highline show and the special guests were no surprise this time around. They even had Alex from Phantom Planet to come out and do "Just" and then go straight into "California".

It was still a good show...this time around the crowd was a little more spread out as the show wasn't sold out. Also, Daniel Merriweather performed a new track which was fantastic...

If you've never seen Ronson then go. If you have and sort of feel like skipping the gig then I don't blame you.

Photo Credit: Dani W

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