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Friday, October 12, 2007

PJ Harvey Live @ Beacon Theater

There are no words that can even express how magical PJ Harvey was on Wednesday at the Beacon Theater. It made the hairs on my arm stick up and gave me chills throughout the course of the night.

Coming out in the same dress as she wears on the cover of White Chalk, PJ looked almost ghostlike as she floated up to the stage ripping right into To Bring You My Love. I've seen PJ multiple times over the years and never have I seen her walk to the stage with such confidence and grace.

The crowd was quiet and just sat in awe as PJ performed tracks from each of her albums released to date. She definitely showed the most love to "To Bring You My Love" and her latest release.

Alone at the microphone, she joked with the crowd as she went from song to song. Everything was perfect, from the lighting to her voice to the crowd. It was the best show of 2007. Period.

Here is the set list:

To Bring You My Love
Send His Love To Me
When Under Ether
The Devil
White Chalk
My Beautiful Leah
Nina In Ecstasy
Electric Light
Big Exit
Down By the Water
Grow Grow Grow
The Mountain

Rid of Me
The Piano
The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Photo Credit: mediaeater

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