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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Likely Reads: Wonderful Tonight - George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me

When a muse to two of the world's most prominent rock legends writes a book, there is no way you can ignore it. Finally, after years of holding back, Pattie Boyd has written a memoir of her life and marriages to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. You get to know the woman behind the classic tracks "Something", "Layla" and many others but most of all finding out that rock star marriages aren't always as perfect as they seem.

Pattie Boyd begins with her life in Kenya and why she molded into the person she became when she met George Harrison. Being cast in the movie "A Hard Day's Night" from a crisps commercial, her single line in the film lead her to her future husband George Harrison. Through many years of happiness which turned to heartbreak, Boyd eventually left Harrison for his best friend Eric Clapton.

Boyd's eventual marriage to Clapton was a romance turned ugly with Clapton's drinking habits and cheating ways. Eventually, Boyd left Clapton and realized she was in her 40's, had no job and was living off her husband who wasn't too into supporting her. Somehow, Clapton and Harrison remained friends and both got remarried eventually.

Boyd still says Harrison was really her one true love. Wonderful Tonight is great story with a bit of a sad ending...and one of the best rock and roll stories around. I couldn't put the bok down and I don't think you will either...

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Cygirl said...

I am really looking forward to reading Ms. Boyd's book.

Thanks for the review!

Speaking of rock muses, I wonder if Anita Pallenberg has ever written a book....