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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Likely Looks: The Blood Arm & Anais - Do I Have Your Attention?

I was inspired to post this after mentioning one of my favorite LA ("Really? They're from LA? I thought they were British...") bands, The Blood Arm, as being part of the Art Brut/Hold Steady US tour this fall.

They've just released a new album (UK only) called Lie Lover Lie, but they had a fantastic single they released a while back called "Do I Have Your Attention." It's a lovely ditty about movie dates, arson and run of the mill scene gangsters. Tres mignon! I'm going frog on you, because they've recently vamped up the track into a duo, with lead singer/avid set climber Nathaniel sharing vocals with French singer-songwriter Anais.

Check out the champagne 'n brie-soaked cuteness here:

Duo The Blood Arm / Anais: Do I have Your Attention?

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P.S. - The Blood Arm have indeed been blogging their (mis)adventures on the Art Brut tour here.

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