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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Verve Reveal New Song Titles

Its bad enough that us Americans don't have any Verve reunion shows to go to (yet!) but the good news is new Verve song titles have been revelaed for (possibly) an album to be released early next year.

Simon Jones posted on his MySpace the following:

Yo! Been pretty effin busy over last couple of months - September was spent in Terry Britten's amazing studio in Richmond. It's brimming with vintage gear, an old E.M.I desk(Pink Floyd-Dark side of moon era) and billions of guitars,old analog gear, a treasure trove of effects pedals(nick, like a kid in a toy shop!). The Sessions have been pretty amazing, we certainly have an embarrassment of riches where material is concerned! We will need to do a lot of listening over the next few months before we reconvene in the New Year to pull it all together! Plenty of hour long jams! and killer choons! we just need to get the balance right.

Last week kicked off with the Q awards-fckin weird dipping your toes into such showbiz events-think that will be my last venture to such affairs-I had to leave before the dinner was served-who wants to eat that shit when you can eat pies! What the fck am I on about-just had to leave and get the fck outta that place! Maaaaaan!

Anyway, the remainder of the week was spent rehearsing"up north" (what a freakin luxury to make music away from that big London place!) with Nick and Pete. Richard will be joining us later when we've gotten the music together. Gotta say - twas the greatest few days playin' old tunes! Started with Life's an Ocean and gotta say it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! So far we got a short list of about 20 odd tunes to pool from for these first gigs, in no particular order we played-Make it till Monday, Virtual world,She's a Superstar, Gravity Grave,This is Music, A New Decade, On your Own, History, Stormy Clouds,Life's an Ocean, A Northern Soul, All in the Mind!(Sounded Amazing), B.S.S.,Drugs don't Work, Sonnet, Lucky Man, Come on, Weeping Willow, Rolling people, Velvet morning, Space and time,Man Called sun, Starsail and new ones,should I give titles away yet?fck it-Sit and Wonder,Judas,Appalachian Springs. Other new ones we are planning to do - maybe-Mona Lisa and Rather Be. I don't want to give the game away(already have) but I would like some feedback on all this-Now's the time to speak up! What have we missed that u wanna hear? Is it too early to play new stuff? do we skip the obvious? do we do the obscure? Let me know! Later.....Si Jones.

Yes, yes and more YES! Now for the US tour announcement?????

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Bri H said...

glad the gigs went superbly well lads!. need to get up north again, so we can get to see you up here, newcastle?. Cant wait for the new album, Si, dont forget to get the tickets to the new gigs to me, and a 1st copy of the new stuff. Cheers mate ( i wish ). All the best, Bri